Park Rules

The Basics
    No dogs or parking at the Boys & Girls Club property

    Respect our neighbors and do not park there or enter the property with your dog.

    Dogs must be accompanied by an adult handler ( age 14+) at all times.

    This means that children under the age of 14 are not allowed to bring in the family dog without an adult present.

    Limit three dogs per visit per Dog Park user

    This is especially important for dog walkers & sitters. If they’re not your dogs, you may not have full control over them. It’s hard enough to watch one dog!

    Female dogs in heat are not allowed inside. Unneutered male dogs are discouraged

    Female dogs in heat can cause aggression in male dogs. Unneutered male dogs can cause irritation/aggression and stress in other dogs. *Please be very aware of your dog if they still have balls!*

    Dogs must be properly licensed, healthy, and have current vaccinations.

    Dogs must be wearing a current rabies tag. This is true for puppies, too. Dogs without a current rabies tag are not allowed.

    Be friendly

    It’s more enjoyable if everyone is nice to each other!

    Take Responsibility

    If you or your dog misbehaves - just own up to it, apologize, and move on.

    If a dangerous situation arises, try to remain calm

    Tense situations are bound to happen, and warrant a quick shift of focus for dogs. When this happens, please try to keep yelling and any physical reactions to a minimum. Both can increase adrenaline and stress. Remove your dog (and yourself) from the immediate area and give everyone time to cool off.

    Be aware of bullying

    If a group of dogs begins bullying another dog, make sure your dog isn’t participating - and encourage other owners to do the same. If your dog is involved, please calmly remove him/her from the situation and allow time for all to cool off.

    Don’t scold someone else’s dog

    You wouldn’t want them to do that to your dog. If there is a behavioral issue, or something that bothers you, simply express your concern to the owner. EXCEPTION: If there is an aggressive dog situation and the owner is not immediately present, do your best

    Pay attention to your dog, and pick up their poop!

    Don't get distracted, or you cannot quickly respond to an urgent situation. We know you are playing hooky from work. But please limit reading, writing, phone calls, emails, games etc… your focus should remain on your dog.

COVID-19 Protocol
    Children should not climb on tables, benches, or dog agility equipment

    We want to keep the dog park safe and open for everyone. If we cannot, then the dog park will close. Agility equipment (ramps, tunnels, etc.) is for dogs only.

    Pick up after your dog as usual!

    Keep our park clean and safe and pick up that dog poop! Bags may not always be available, so bring your own.

    Avoid touching surfaces with bare hands

    Be mindful when entering and exiting the gates that people have touched it before you, and will touch it after you. Hand sanitizer is encouraged.

    Keep children with you at all times

    Help maintain social distancing and do not allow children free roam of the dog park.

    Masks are recommended

    The city of Decatur's mask ordinance does not extend to outdoor public spaces, but we encourage adults and children to wear masks. This applies especially when the park is busy and social distancing becomes harder.

    Do not enter the park if you are sick

    If you are showing symptoms of COVID-19, have tested positive for COVID-19, or have been in contact with someone who is showing symptoms or has tested positive - **Do not enter the park.**

Collars and Leashes
    Do not keep your dog leashed inside the park

    Leashed dogs may be more defensive, or perceived as an "easy target" for other dogs. If your dog cannot be trusted off-leash, they should not be brought into an off-leash dog park.

    Please removed pronged collars and harnesses

    Dogs play with their mouths and paws, and they can easily get caught on a harness, pronged collar, or other accessories. Just take them off when you come in and they're ready to play!

    Never let children roam unattended

    Remember, this is a dog park, not a children’s park! Do not let your kids roam in the park unsupervised! Many dogs can be too rough or even aggressive towards children. PLEASE keep children close to you and under constant supervision.

    General Safety

    Small children, especially running children, may be regarded as prey animals by other dogs. Dogs may also feel the urge to protect children they know. This tends to cause aggressive behavior. If you must bring children to a dog park, supervise them closely. Children must NOT be allowed to behave in ways that could excite or startle the dogs in the park. Also, do not let children roll logs or turn over rocks, it damages the park environment and they could disturb snakes.

Food, Drink, and Smoking
    Food is not allowed inside the park

    Food of any sort is not allowed inside the park. The presence of food can provoke competition among dogs, which can lead to aggression. This includes treats! Dogs can smell it on you, even if bagged.

    No Smoking

    Smoking is not allowed inside the park or any park in City of Decatur.

Additional Guidelines
    Please do not bring any personal dog toys

    There will always be stray balls and Frisbees. Dogs may claim toys that do not belong to them, which may lead to aggressive behavior. And small toys may be a choking hazard to some dogs, especially larger dogs.

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