Fireworks & dogs

July 03, 2021

dog hiding in blanket

Love them or hate them, fireworks are here to stay.

Here are a few things you can do to comfort your dog:

  1. A thunder shirt, or a homemade thunder shirt can really help. Just tie a T-shirt pretty snuggly on your pup.
  2. Turn up the music in your house before dusk. Play fun music
  3. Warm up blankets and towels in the dryer, and create a nest for your dog nearby you. It really calms dogs down. Do this repeatedly.
  4. CBD treats seem to work. My neighbor has two very excitable dogs, and they are much calmer with CBD
  5. Don’t let the humans in your house over-imbibe and get upset about the noise. It’s important to remain relaxed and keep the mood calm.
  6. Take your dog for a long walk early in the day (when it’s not too hot), and when you go outside, even in your yard, take them on a leash. Many pets run away from fireworks, and you don’t want yours to go missing!
  7. Understand that there is nothing that you can do to prevent fireworks, and learning to accept them, is much easier than fighting them.

Happy Independence Day, to humans and dogs.

pictured: “Piper in Warm Blankets” 2020

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