Just six hours before tonight’s scheduled Decatur Planning Commission meeting, Todd Prinkey of Weaver Capital Partners sent the following email:


This email is to let you and the rest of the group know that we have asked for a deferral from tonight’s Planning Commission meeting. There are a few reasons, but mostly we have additional options to present to the City of Decatur and the neighborhood at large, and we don’t believe that those options can be sufficiently discussed in the short time we have.

We have also requested to be put on next month’s calendar for the May 12th hearing, and we believe that in the next 30 days there will be ample opportunity to work together to finalize an end result of our continuing and collective good-faith negotiating efforts.

Please pass along the word to the other neighborhood constituents who aren’t reached by this email. We will reach out to you likely next week to arrange another meeting to discuss our latest thoughts.