Nominated by: Greg White

Richard Backwell and Lee Goldsmith are considered the watchmen and champions for Oakhurst Dog Park on a daily basis. Richard became interested in the Oakhurst Dog Park because his dogs needed exercise and socialization and the Oakhurst Dog Park meet those needs. As one of the Dog Park champions, Richard was not able to do the heavy physical work but has taken on the interest of controlling vegetation in the Oakhurst Dog Park. He takes great pride in controlling the invasive plants and plays a key role in organizing other dog owners on Dog Park Work Days. He is well educated in the types of invasive plants and visits the park daily. Richard takes pride in making sure the facility is clean. He is the social dog owner that everyone knows. Richard is our other eye at the Oakhurst Dog Park along with his four dogs. Lee became interested in the Oakhurst Dog Park when his dog was a puppy. Since Lee was going daily, he adopted the mindset of wanting to make the Oakhurst Dog Park better and address the drainage issue. Lee is our champion because he had the idea of spreading mulch on the paths to control water run off. Lee is the organizer for work days – making signs, coordinating tools, providing snacks and encouraging dog owners to clean up behind their dogs. Lee is a key supporter of the park because he helps save the trees in the Oakhurst Dog Park from invasive species. Both Richard and Lee are quick to send emails to keep Decatur Active Living informed of maintenance issues. The communication that they provide makes our dog park system operate at a high level. Their spirit of volunteering and connecting dog owners is the Decatur way.