This message is from Kat Ballard, who posted it on our petition.
If you agree, please contact the Boys and Girls Club today and ask them not to sell the forest for development.


“I visited this dog park for the first time yesterday and the dogs LOVED it. I am a dog sitter by profession and am all over Metro Atlanta.

One of the things I love about Atlanta is the green space in the city. There are some good dog parks out there, but most do not have a safe place for the dogs to run freely in a wooded area. Just getting to be dogs. Once the mature woods are gone, they are gone.

I was in the scouts as a child. And I believe the city is sending a poor message to what the Boys & Girls Club is about. I can understand the need for the organization to get funding to help their organization. But, wouldn’t it send a better message if the city were to purchase the land, and the Boys & Girls Club could help maintain it? Or help them keep it. Or buy it outright and leave the green?

To take that area down is bad for the dogs, the neighborhood, the ethics of the Boys & Girls Club and the environment. There has to be an alternative to taking this down. Are we really only about money now? I want to be the person my dogs think I am. Don’t you?”